Joseph Hyrum Levi

December 30, 1844 - June 29, 1902


Joseph Hyrum was was born December 30, 1844 in Keg Creek, Hancock County, Illinois. His father was Frederick John Levi II who was born on October 17, 1800 in Essex, Ontario, Canada. His mother was Juliann Carroll, born 16 October 1800, in Cork, Ireland. Frederick John and Juliann Carroll had the following children: David Levi born May 16, 1833 at Essex County, Ontario, Canada; Mary Ann Levi born July 3, 1835 in Gosfield, Essex County, Ontario, Canada; Charlotte Levi born December 20, 1839 in Chili, Hancock County, Illinois; and Barbara Jane Levi, born July 24, 1837 in Toronto, Canada.

Soon after the first Missionaries of the Church were sent into Canada, they made many converts. Joseph Hyrum's father, mother, and their little family were converted and it was around eight years between the time they left Canada until they joined other Saints who were also going to Church Headquarters in Illinois. Their youngest son was born at Keg Creek, Illinois. They lived in Nauvoo a short time when the Saints were leaving Nauvoo for the trek westward.

In 1852 the Levi family started west, and arrived in Utah in the fall where they were sent to Ogden, Utah. Also sent to Ogden were the members of the family of Robert Harrison and Elizabeth Heath Watts, one of whose children was Baldwin Harvey Watts.

In 1852 the Levi family started West—going through all of the trials of pioneering. They arrived in Utah Territory without losing any of their family. They settled in Weber County. Ogden, Utah was their first home in the West.

The following information was gathered by Dewey J. Levi and Paul D. Levi and was taken from their book, "Frederick John Levi & His Family, 1800 - 1864 that was published in July of 1994.


To the best of my knowledge, we have no birth records for either Frederick John Levi or for his Father Frederick Levi (Liebau). From the family information gathered over the many years, probably all having its origin in the memory of Frederick John Levi, we had thought or assumed that they came from the Gosfield, Essex County, Ontario, Upper Canada area. It is true that this the first place we can locate either of them definitely. I believe that no record of birth for either Frederick John Levi or his father has been found. Some of those who have sought their roots think they are French, some think they are German, and some think they are English or Irish, and all suppose that they are Jewish. The families that we tie into, being descendents of Frederick Levi (Liebau) (whom we have always called Frederick Levi, Sr.) may give us some clue, but we have not found or identified definitely any brother, sister, father or mother of Frederick Levi (Liebau). Even in our most recent contacts with the descendants of Frederick John's sister Elizabeth Levi (Whittle) and his brother John Levi (Liebau), we have not been able to go beyond Frederick Levi (Liebau).

The wife of Frederick Levi (Liebau) has, in the oldest records and family group sheets, has been referred to as "Miss Modley or (Modlin)" without identification as to whether it is a given or surname. We know of no one before this time that has been identified or thought they have identified her in further detail, or connected her to supposed husband Frederick. Extensive research, mostly unrelated, has been done over the years without success. My father's Aunt Evelyn (Eva) Levie Barney expanded great effort in the 1940's in research and correspondence. Numerous of the Levi descendents have lived in Sevier County, Utah where she and I lived. As a teenager at that time, I hauled milk daily from the farms (including theirs) to the cheese factory in Elsinore, Utah. We discussed genealogy frequently. That subject being extremely important to the L.D.S. people, and she believing that I either could, or would make efforts, at some time, to find and identify those ancestors, committed me on firm promise to do just that.

She had correspondence, through a professional genealogist, with whom we now know as a descendent of John Levi (Liebo) whose name was Bertha Helen Levi Churchill, then living in Leamington. She responded in letter inquires of Aunt Eva and a letter dated March 4, 1947, has been widely circulated and quoted in the Levi(e), Whittle and other interested families. That letter, I am going to quote in part. Some names, dates, etc. have been verified. Some information is undoubtedly true and some undoubtedly not true, but we still have the task of determining which is which.

the family likely lived on the farm owned by his parents about one half mile west of the Ruthven Post Office on Lot 8 of the Second Concession, Township of Gosfield, or possibly on Lot 230 South of Talbot Road West in the Township of Mersea about 4 miles East of the Leamington Post Office and about half way between the present City of Leamington and Wheatley. Both of these farm properties were owned by Frederick and Julia Ann Levi at the time. The Ruthven and Leamington Post Offices, both on Talbot Road are about 2 miles apart making about 7 miles between the home and the farm. Why I believe they lived on the farm close to Ruthven and in Gosfield Township is that the deed upon sale of Lot 230 in June, 1836 to Issac Russell the deed recited" "Frederick Levi of the Township of Gosfield, County of Essex and Western District of the Province of Upper Canada, Yeoman, and Ann his wife". It would appear that they lived in the Township of Gosfield, or were they were of Gosfield but were conveying their land in Mersea to Issac Russel. The Township line between Gosfield and Mersea township runs between the two Post Offices.

The family probably moved to Toronto, either before or after the farming season in the summer of 1836 when the year's crops were, according to history, a disaster. Their land in Gosfield (lot 8), the probable home, was not sold until October 1838 (possibly about the time they departed Toronto for Missouri). Before they moved to Toronto, he had been joined by a little sister, Mary Ann, she was also born in Gosfield (and not Mersea) on July 30, 1835.

The family probably arrived in Missouri and then the Nauvoo area by 1839 and may also have moved several times in Nauvoo before their departure in 1846 so David grew to a lad of nearly 13 years of age before that wintry trip across the Mississippi River. While in Hancock County, Illinois, his family was blessed with a sister Charlotte, born December 20, 1839 in Chili, which lies at the very southern border of the county, 13 miles directly south of Carthage. This was probably their first home in Illinois. It is believed, however, that it was not their only home in Hancock County. A brother Joseph Hyrum was born December 30, 1844, at Keg Creek, which is believed to be about 2 to 3 miles directly East of Nauvoo along Parley street, close to the then Joseph Smith farm.

A total of about 6 years would be spent in Iowa, probably at or in the vicinity of Mt. Pisgan, and on the plains of Iowa, Nebraska, and Wyoming before arrival in the Salt Lake Valley in 1852. It is believed that David may have made a trip to the Great Salt Lake Valley in 1848, before his family came in 1852.

After a few days in Salt Lake, the family was directed to Ogden, where they were to make their new home. David, who was to young to be baptized into the LDS Church when his father or his mother were baptized, was baptized by Thomas Dunn in 1853 and was ordained a Seventy by Joseph Young and became a member of the 1st Quorum of the Seventies in 1854.

Joseph's wife Sarah James Flake

Joseph and Sarah's son Fredrick Hyrum Levi

Joseph and Sarah's daughter Ida Nevada Levi

Joseph and Sarah's daughter Sarah Charlotte Levi

Joseph and Sarah's daughter Agnes Haley Mahala Levi

Joseph and Sarah's daughter Clara Elizabeth Levi

Joseph and Sarah's son Clarence Henry Oakden

Joseph's wife Sarah Ann Day

Joseph and Sarah's daughter Olive Ann Levi

Joseph and Sarah's daughter Charlotte Jane Levi

Joseph and Sarah's daughter Julia Elizabeth Levi

Joseph and Sarah's son Joseph Hyrum Jr. Levi

Joseph and Sarah's son Richard William Levi

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