Mary Ann Levi

July 30, 1835 - December 3, 1872


Mary was born on July 30, 1835 in Gosfield, Essex, Ontario, Canada to Frederick John Levi II and Julia Ann Carroll. On March 6, 1853, Mary married Isaac Riddle, an LDS Pioneer. Isaac Riddle's autobiography does not state exactly where they were married but it does state that he worked that summer on the Bear River 80 miles north of Salt Lake City so it is possible that they were married in that area. They were married in Salt Lake City, Utah.

At the end of the summer, they invested in 50 acres of improved land, horses and cattle. It appears from his biography that this farm was near Ogden, Utah. They spent a happy Fall and Winter in their new home. On March 6, 1854, their son was born. He lived only two weeks and his name was George. Mary became very ill.

Isaac's biography states that she was not expected to live. It was at this time that he left her to go on a Mission for the church among the Indians in Southern Utah. Though his autobiography makes it sound as though he did not return until the Fall of 1858. It is obvious that he must have been home in February of 1855 since their second child, a daughter was born on December 7, 1855. He was again home in February of 1857 since another son was born on December 17th, 1857.

Considering the weather in that part of the country, my guess would be that he traveled extensively during the Spring, Summer and Fall and was home during the Winters. His autobiography states that this particular mission with the Indians was the best and the hardest ten years of his life. I would imagine it wasn't easy on Mary with her husband being gone so much of the time either.

In 1858 when he returned home, he sold the farm and invested his money in a sawmill probably the one he built in Pine Valley. He spent much of his time traveling dealing the business of the sawmill and the mission with the Indians, leaving Mary alone to deal with her family.

In 1859, another son was born followed by two daughters in 1861 and 1863. The 1860 census shows the Mary Ann living in Pine Valley with Isaac, her daughter,Mary, Isaac's mother, her two sons, Isaac Jr and J.M. and a young man named Jackson Curley from Georgia

In 1867, the family was living in Beaver during a diphtheria epidemic and all three daughters died. Mary Ann who had not been in the best of health and had been a semi-invalid since the birth of her last child never got over the death of her daughters. She died on December 3, 1872. She was survived by her two sons who went to live with Isaac and his second wife. [3]

Mary Ann's husband Isaac Riddle