Peter Miller Jensen

December 6, 1842 - March 29, 1930


Peter and Sarah

Peter Miller Jensen

December 6, 1842

Born in Raadvad (Rådvad), Hansted, Skanderborg, Denmark

April 10, 1864

Left Copenhagen, Denmark on the Swedish steamer L. L Bager carrying 350 emigrants from Sweden and Norway

April 28, 1864

Left Liverpool, England on the ship Monarch of the Sea with 973 souls on board, bound for New York city

June 3, 1864

Arrived in New York city

July 4, 1864

Left Wyoming, Nebraska (the west bank of the Missouri River about 40 miles south of Omaha) in the William B. Preston Company

September 15, 1864

Arrived in Salt Lake City

December 6, 1867

Married Mary Pedersen Mortensen, Parowan, Iron County, Utah

February 20, 1884

Married Sarah Ann Elsene Mortensen, St. George, Washington County, Utah

March 29, 1930

Passed away in Union, Salt Lake County, Utah at the age of 87.


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