Katie Bell (Jensen) Levi
September 12, 1878 - August 17, 1963


Katie Bell (Jensen) Levi, written by Katie Bell

Now I came on the scene, September 12, 1878. I had a happy childhood because I was one of those lucky children who had two mothers. I had two sisters, one twenty and one seventeen, and six brothers; so among them I was a favored child. Nothing was too good for me. But when I did wrong knowingly, I was spanked on the right place. Well, do I remember one of my growing up experiences. When I was about five years old, I had a faithful dog named Dan, who did as I told him. One afternoon I was with the boys as they picked potatoes, while father plowed. As I played, I would throw my clean blue bonnet and call Dan to get it (which he did, tearing it every time). The boys cheered me on. After father had called me several times and told me not to do that, and I continued, he quietly stopped the horses when near me, turned me over his knee, and for my the screaming! I cannot remember that happening before this hat episode, or after. My sister Nettie came to rescue, but when she found out the cause, she almost gave me another dose. Nettie was my constant companion because my mother worked in the Relief Society and was often busy nursing the sick.

How well I remember the pretty dresses mother made for me, and the parties she prepared. She often fixed nice lunches for me so that I might have my girl friends to play with in place of running off with the boys She always took me to Sunday School and sent me to Primary with Aunt Jane Gillies. I loved to go to Sacrament Meeting on Sunday afternoons, and Fast Meetings on Thursday morning with my mother.

The very month I was eight years old, she took me down to the Beaver River, just above the bridge, to be baptized by William P. Jones (Tinner Jones as we called him, because he sold tins and made tin Pans). John K. Smith, our Bishop, confirmed me. He was a dear man that we all loved.

When I was six years old, I was taken to school. On the way, my mother went into the court house to pay my tuition, which was $2.00 a month. Then we continued north, up the street for half a block to the central School House. Aunt Lue Dalton was my teacher and I remember how sweet she was, so kind, we all loved her.

My school days were happy ones. I loved school. Brother J. T. Tolton was my first man teacher. He was always firm, but loved by all and he was a real favorite. I received several awards of merit from him for outstanding work, but I did not go to college because my father always said that college was for boys. Girls should learn to be home makers, so at an early age I was married. I graduated from High School when I was just past sixteen and at that time I worked in Mutual and Sunday School and enjoyed both.

I was married at home on October 16, 1898 to papa, brother J. T. Tolton performed the ceremony and our marriage was later solemnized in the St. George Temple. We hadn't been married quite a year when Ann Clerynth was born on September 7, 1899. Not long after that we moved to Richfield where Norma was born on December 24, 1904, and then on October 15, 1906, Letty came to our family. I had several lovely friends in Richfield, and although we lived ther for 10 years, it never really was home to me.

We came back to Beaver in the Spring of 1910. On December 10, 1919, Julia Faye was born and then, with our four girls our family was complete. In Beaver I began working in the Primary and Sunday School and I worked with the children until 1921, then I was called as Secretary in the West Ward Relief Society. From then on Relief Society was my work. I was Ward and Stake Relief Society President until September of 1940 when I resigned to go to California with Faye because she was sick. I was there nearly four months, and I attended Relief Society throughout my stay. When I came home in December, I went into the Stake Relief Society as Welfare Leader where I served for five years. When I began my Relief Society work in 1921, I attended General Conference in Salt Lake and I can count the conferences that I have missed since then, on one hand.

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