John Barton

February 19, 1796 - November 13, 1846


Nothing is known to this generation of her early life. It was perhaps in 1817 that Sally Penn married John Barton, son of William Barton and Nancy Hunter Barton. John was born 19 February 1796 in Orange County, North Carolina. It would be interesting to know the details of their courtship and marriage. They took up a homestead in Lebanon, St. Clair County, Illinois, where they were blessed with 10 children.

Sally heard the gospel of Jesus Christ of Latteróday Saints preached by the humble servant of God, Elder Wilford Woodruff, and believed. She was baptized in 1835. (It is presumed that her husband, John, was baptized at this time also.)

After joining the Church, it was her one desire to see the Prophet Joseph Smith and hear him preach. So, no doubt accompanied by her husband, she rode horseback to Nauvoo to accomplish this great desire.

It was a sad time for Sally when her dear companion was called by death the 13th of November 1846 at their home in Lebanon, leaving her a widow at the age of 46. These would be trying times for her and her family because the Saints were enduring severe persecution at the hands of wicked mobs. As fast as possible the church leaders were arranging for the Saints to make the Journey to the Rocky Mountains so they could live in peace and safety.


John's wife Sally Penn


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