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Dave Cochran

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1825 S. 5th St.

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Terre Haute, Indiana 47802

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youngest son

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August 1, 1999

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August 27, 1999


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Dave Cochran (written 09/12/99)-

Though raised in Iowa, I have been a Hoosier now for over twenty years.  I've been happily married for several years to the former Cheryl Hamrick from here in Terre Haute.  Our kids are nearly all up and out, with the youngest due to start college late next year.  

As for an occupation, I've been in computer related jobs and businesses since 1974  The jargon changes regarding our industry (from ADP - automated data processing, through MIS - management information systems, and now the preferred IT - information technology), but for the most part I've been a plain old business analyst and programmer.  I've had the good fortune to spend many years working for good companies with good people, and also spend several years self employed.  I've enjoyed both types of careers.  Overall, the ADP/MIS/IT/whatever industry has been very kind to me.

This current project (TGSL.COM, Inc.) was partially inspired by the process of sifting through the estate of my mother, to whom this Webiography is dedicated.  People's lives have always interested me, and I've always thought it was a shame that our society's most common form of posthumous memorial - the headstone - provides so little insight into the person it honors.  I still like the dignity and solemnity of headstones.  I would just like to help create an additional, more personal type of memorial for our friends and relatives (both living and past).

I have listed myself as the site owner for this Webiography simply because I am the person most involved in its development and maintenance.  My older brother Bill, however, is a co-owner and contributor to this site and for the future site for our father.

Bill Cochran (info not yet available)-

As I haven't yet mentioned this new section to Bill, it may be a few days (or weeks) before he has a chance to ship me a brief biography.  I'm sure he won't mind if I fill in the following: 
  - Bill and his lovely wife Diane live in Billings, Montana.
  - He has the good fortune to have me for a brother.
  - Other than Diane and I, the rest is just details.

Change Log:

09/12/99 - This is the official v1.0 date for this site. It will continue to change as time permits. Mother had many interests and kept MANY photos, journals, scrapbooks, letters, and other memerobilia, so it will be some time before we run out of material. Bill and I intend to create a site for our father as well, so we may let this one rest for a little while.


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